How to add facebook like/fan page on blogger?


Today we are going to discuss in brief about, how we will connect and show up the Facebook fan page that we created on our blog. Its an easy stuff to do, it will not only help you to make your visitors to know how popular your page is but also will help your readers to get in touch with your blog updates. Simply just follow the steps below and by the end of this post you will have your Facebook like box present on your blog.
So lets begin,

STEP 1:- Sign in to your facebook account and open up your page.

STEP 2:- Just copy the URL of your page.

STEP 3:- Go to this link over here and paste your page’s URL in ‘FACEBOOK PAGE URL‘ box (as demonstrated in the above image).

STEP 4:- Its the area where you can customize your widget like height, width & color etc, the preview of the widget will be generated automatically.

STEP 5:- After finalizing your widget’s looks, click the ‘Get Code‘ option and copy all codes from the IFRAME(only).

STEP 6:- Now you are almost done with it, just go and sign in to your blogger account & click the ‘Layout’.

STEP 7:- Click the ‘Add Gadget‘ and browse for HTML/JavaScript and paste those IFRAME codes in it(body of the widget), you can leave your title box of the widget blank or you can edit it also by writing catchy lines like ‘BE TOUCH WITH US ON FACEBOOK’ etc.

STEP 8:- Now its done your Facebook like button widget will start showing up where you placed the HTML gadget.

It may be a bit confusing to choose, which one is the best area to place the Facebook like button widget on your blog. From my opinion placing your widget either at the footer or on the sidebar section in the layout will be a better option as it will look more appealing there. 

Good luck,
Keep blogging with tecHulk.

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    • Hi! Mr Owoade,
      Sorry the method didn't worked for you, Facebook deprecated the Like Box with the release of the Graph API v2.3. You can use the Page-Plugin instead, it is way much more effective than the like box.
      following link will take you to the Page Plugin where you can customize it according to your choice, after when all done just hit the "Get code" to generate the equivalent codes for copying. Then follow the post above from step 6 onwards.
      Thanks for dropping by.


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