How to add lyrics and album cover to a song?


We are going to learn about the steps to embed all the necessary details for mp3 audio files. We have our personal hobbies to mix up musics, tracks & sound-clips for making good and amazing mashups with it or even singing songs and recording it. But most of the times, others never takes the moment to appreciate at our work or not even believes this fact, that its totally our work. But STOP THIS!! The following post will cover all the necessary things like info, meta tags and all the other details to prove the fact that you are the only sole owner of your work. Now you can even embed your favorite wallpapers, album covers, blog details, your own copyright and even embed your own lyrics to the music file.

Now what we really need to do this job?

The only software what we are going to use for this operation is “JJ mp3 Renamer”. Its a small sized little software which does a powerful job what we need. Don’t worry I’ve uploaded the software for you guys below the post you can download it from there.

The answer for HOW TO?

STEP 1:- Open up the “JJ mp3 renamer” then add the music file that you wanna edit.

STEP 2:- Click the music file & down below you can find the ‘v2 edit tag’ option just in the left corner of the renamer as shown in above image.
STEP 3:- Fill all the information to the music file according to your requirements and click on the ‘next’.
In the end attach the album cover or the lyrics file to the song and click on the ‘write’ option.

now you are finally done with it.



See how simple was that? Now get the complete credits for your work. This amazing software also helped me for make bunch of successful mixes long ago too. I personally had done a lot of music mixes and loved to edit with this simplest, tiny sized software.

Hope this might helped you out.>>>YOUR JJ MP3 RENAMER LINK<<<

Still have a problem? Here is a complete step by step tutorial for embedding all the details to your music file.


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