how to make high score on swing copters?


make high score in swing copterYeah!!the creator of the Flappy Bird which was the most addictive yet simplest but the toughest game on android of all time DOTGears released another jaw dropping game Swing Copters leading to an another big task for the users to get through between those swinging hammers easily.

What we really need to make a high score on the game?


Everybody competing to each others asking what is his or her’s high score out there.
When I played it for the first time it was a serious task to get through atleast 5 swinging hammers, now what all thing we need first is the most that

You have to keep patience!!!!


  • What is the necessary thing to do in the job is that you have to be patient, instead of being in an angry or a revenging mood to your friends.
  • It will not only help to play the game easily but also give a big relax on the phone’s screen.
  • Look the hammers not the character.
  • Don’t tap unnecessarily whenever you reach the small space between those hammers tab simultaneously fast to get through it.
  • Don’t get excited enough when you reach high.
  • Try to tap rapidly to make it go in left and right direction at the same time to reach the top.

As everyone knows themonsterdroid gives all the cracks and hacks and obviously the help without forcing our readers killed by the whole stories.

so what we really need to edit the high score to show our friends?

yeah what we really need is nothing just simply our rooted phone for that!!!

Edit score according as your wish!!

make sure that you edit your score in such a way that it looks real to the person you are comparing  and important thing to note is if you exceed the limit of the high score then the game will stop responding (but you can recover it not a big thing).

Now lets see how easy(Below is the screenshots of the job you have to perform all together).

1>> First of all download the ROOT Explore from the given link that below the post if you have it then open it.

2>> Then after opening the app then go to the folder “data”.

3>> Again you will find a folder named “data” go to there.

4>> look for the folder “com.dotgears.swing” //this the folder where the all game’s data is present.

5>> In the folder you find shared_prefs inside that folder there is an .xml file of the swing copters aka SwingCopters.xml file open that file and edit the line of code to number you want
to be your high score in this line  <int name=”score” value=”<your score>” />

6>> To edit the code you can open the .xml file in the text editor in the option “open in text editor” in the explorer.

7>> Hit save after when you edited the high score and delete the backed up file which the explorer made.

8>> Now you are done!!! open the game and see your high score waiting for you and make you friends haunt with that.

9>>> [all method in a nutshell to reach the .xml file in the shared_prefs folder]
#goto data>>data>>com.dotgears.swing>>shared_prefs>>SwingCopters.xml\edit it in text editor.

10>> if the game is crashing then go to that file back and set the value to any small number.

Swing Copter high scoremake high score in swing copterSwing copter high score

Good luck, 

Feel free to drop your comments will be there to help you out with no time. Your comments are more valuable than our posts.

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