Music Files/Gallery Files Not Found MIUI Easiest Fix

Hello again everybody I’ve been searching the whole web for this issue of getting no files(in explorer)/no music files/no images or videos(in the gallery app) and ain’t got nothing related to fix this issue easily, even after flashing the MIUI ROM multiple times the problem is not fixed, so thought to post how to find a solution for this issue without flashing a new custom ROM on your device. This solution is both helpful for MIUI ROM & AOSP based custom ROM users as well, so get rid of this issue with this easy fix,
1:- Make sure you have root access.(phone should be rooted for this method)
2:- Download “BUSYBOX” from play store. When installed, open busybox and install it by hitting the install option & giving root permmision to it.
3:- After when the BUSYBOX gets installed then download the “TRICKSTER MOD” app from the play store and then open the app to grant root permission.
4:- There you will find “MEDIA SCAN” option touch hat it will start scanning the whole device, wait till the searching gets over. Soon after when the searching will get done then wait for a while (it takes time according to how much data and files you have on your SD card) after that reboot the phone and find all your files back!!!!
NOTE//If all the files are not showing up then open the app repeat the step 4 again and wait for 20-25mins don’t reboot the device let the files be recovered automatically!!
Your problem will be solved!!
Still having issue or any kinda problems??? Drop your comments will help you out in no time!!!!!


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