Sp Tool DRAM Error Finally Fixed


How to fix the error?


Don’t worry that you bricked the phone just take a deep breath and relax a little bit, I am not gonna leave from here without fixing the error!


You might be flashing a firmware or a wrong ROM on your device using SP tool and the moment after you formatted the whole device including the bootloader lead to a HARD BRICKED phone in your hands, with no sign of charging LED light or anything. After that when you tried to flash your stock ROM back on the device using SP TOOLS then you get the error written:
this critical issue happens when the space in the device storage get wiped(EMMC storage).


see how you gonna fix your phone yourself without going to the service provider in a few simple steps!!!!1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A STOCK ORIGINAL ROM OF YOUR DEVICE & PROPER DRIVERS INSTALLED ON YOUR PC.






* Use the latest version of the Sp tool to flash your stock Rom! If the green completion circle appears and still the device doesn’t boots up then use the Sp tool version number 5.1424 to flash the device.

Note:Β After lots of fixing I’ve found out that all the devices have different ways to get flashed properly, for those who didn’t fixed their phone by the following above method including the steps mentioned under the comments, please leave the details of your phone either in the comment section or in the support form I will definitely look for the solution Asap. Plus those who are having lenovo, their work is in progress for the fix. Also if you guys are finding trouble reading the comments section on your mobile, then you can change the view from portrait to landscape for better reading (enable auto rotation).

Also feel free to contact us via ourΒ TechulK Support Form.

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  1. Hello.
    I have issues with hard bricked A114 Micromax phone. Durring attempt to load the firmware via latest SP Flash Tool v5.1352.01 I'm getting the folowing error: BROM ERROR : S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE (5069)

    Kindly would you like to help me with this error, because I'm trying to find solution on the web but till now nothing good.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hey guys. For those who are still having problems even if they tried the method above, then there might be something wrong with the "Preloader". I had to unbrick a lenovo and after spending few days on it, I came across a preloader.bin file that didn't give me the "DRAM 4032" problem. I kept everything the same except for the "preloader" that I downloaded and flashed it again… I know it's not too precise but might give an idea to someone…try looking for another stock rom or use another rom's "Preloader.bin" … my initial problem was that the phone wasn't even turning on in anyway I tried (hardbrick).

  3. hello sir i have galaxy s4 clone when i try to flash using flash tool i got enable dram failed eror (4032) i try a lot of rom and i got same eror please help me sir :'( sorry with my englilsh

  4. hi my zte v880h mobile was dead i was wrong rom flashed on it. this is only connected as mtk usb port. i have lot of times uninstalling my phone drivers and install but not work the drivers detect only mtk usb port. when i flashed stock rom via sp tool red bar 100% completed then displayed BROM ERROR: S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032) what can i do


    i'm richilieu e. rivera..from philippines..
    i have s4 clone that was bricked..it does not power anymore..
    BROM ERROR: S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL ( 4032 ) [ EMI ] Enabled DRAM failed!
    please help me revive my phone..
    i have so many sleepless nigths trying to fix my phone..surfing the net all day still nothing works..
    i hope you can help me sir..

    • sir i dont have..but i managed to download all the roms for gt-i9500 at the needrom.com and still no work..maybe because my phone is just a clone?so how can i solve this: BROM ERROR: S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL ( 4032 ) [ EMI ] Enabled DRAM failed!??

      sorry for the many comments..i have slow connection so i post it many times..

    • Hi Rivera sorry i an unable to get it what are you trying to express, i know the how it feels to see your own phone lying dead beside you, but if you tell me the story how you bricked it and properly mention that do you have your proper stock rom and the method how you are flashing it on your device still only then i can help you out.


      my s4 is working fine untill i installed fonts from romtoolbox app..it rebooted and stuck on samsung logo..so i attempte d to restore it on stock android recovery but unfortunately nothing works and also chinese stuff came out so i didn't understand any of it..then i tried mtkdroidtools..i wish i could send you the screenshot..the specs a commented earlier was taken from that mtkdroid screen shoot..and then i press the delete china..the phone rebooted and no more logo appears..just blinking..then finally i used sp flash tools..i flashed almost all of the roms for gt-i9500 in the needrom.com but didn't fix my phone..i hope this story will help you help me revive my dead phone..

  6. MONSTER DROID please help me, already tried bunch of ways to flash CWM by SP TOOLS but still got error. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    Before i got ENABLE DRAM fail !! NOW T.T i get GET DRAM fail… after i reinstall driver for my phone!! please reply as soon as you can

    • look for your stock rom which can be flashed using SP tool on the web .Forget about the CWM recovery, I don't know lenovo users always fails to fix their phones, above in comments there are people with lenovo they were unable to fix their device by my method and went to the service center where they flashed the factory signed zip file on their device.
      bu the way there are many ways to flash CWM on devices but you are on bootloop so you can only flash it via SP tool or by the adb if (usb debugging was on before it was stucked) by connecting it to pc in the fastboot mode.

  7. Hi Mr. Henry ,there is a video on youtube on the search term " lenovo a389i how to flash cwm by sp tools" in that video i think its a tutorial to flash a rom,or you can search for it don't be scared its an easy procedure,we can recover your phone easily. Thanks

  8. Hello, I dont know if this is the right place to get help. I'm new here, i really need help. Because my Lenovo A369i can't turn on, maybe bricked or something. I will tell what did i exactly do until my phone get like this.

    I have ROOTED my Lenovo A369i , no backups and no nothing.

    Well the thing is, i found an app named Uninstaller Pro last friday , i downloaded it since i want to remove unnecessary things in my phone. So i tried removing an app, removed success but something popped up and the pop up said things that i dont even understand, something like chinese writing. Then i press Home, i tried to install the App back but i can't then i reboot my phone. ): It stays on the Lenovo LOGO. I do can't anything, i already tried reboot but still the same. I already test to factory reset in my phone Recovery, still the same. So i googled about how to repair my phone, i see this website ~> LenovoA369i Blogspot *GOOGLE IT* / I cant put the website. I followed this website How To Update, I don't know anything i just followed its guide. Then i tried , after doing it nothing happens. Then i can't even reboot, go to Recovery mode.

    Can anyone help me with this PROBLEM !! Please help me find a solution.

    My Phone
    Lenovo A369i 4.2.2 OS JB
    I forgot the ROW thing, maybe its Lenovo A369i ROW S201 if im not mistaken

    • Hii friend!! what you have done is that you unfortunately deleted some important system app which led to this issue of rom corruption, it mostly happens with everyone those who are new to rooting exploring more things, i too had faced this problem years back when i was changing my device's bootanimation manually, !!
      Now lets get back to topic what you have to do is now , you have to look for cwm aka clockworkmod or twrp recovery to flash on your device to replace your stock recovery, after that there will be many custom roms out there for your device on xda let download that rom.zip file and flash it via cwm, 1./formatting the system/data/dalvik cache then choose the zip file of the custom rom of your device you downloaded from the web!!! Maybe this will work,thanks and it would be really appreciable if you comment from your gmail account it looks a little fuzzy when someone comments anonymously!:-P

  9. Hi, I did everything according to your instructions, but I have still the same error "BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032)". Phone is probably hard bricked (no red light when charge). Absolutely no reaction. I have Amoi a928w:
    Operating System Android 4.2 OS Stock Jelly Bean
    CPU MTK6592, Mediatek Octa-Core @1.7 Ghz Cortex A7
    GPU Mali-450 700Mhz
    RAM 2GB
    Memory/Storage ROM 32 GB
    Display Size 5.0 inch
    Type OGS FHD IPS Multi Point touch capacitive screen
    Resolution 1920×1080 pixels

    Please heeeeelp…

  10. If you read all the comments still you are facing the same error Mr Mujahid then i don't know what is the matter, maybe the list of rom that you are having please check is it the proper stock rom of your device, the logs you gave are of "brom enable dram failed" error only, by the way the thing i didn't understand is that how come your phone's emmc wiped while browsing it only happens flashing wrong preloader files. Now what i recommend is to reinstall your proper drivers and connect the device only when clicking the download button while flashing!!good luck……

  11. My auxus nuclea n1 got hung while browsing and it shutdown and now it is DEAD and not powering up. I tried to boot it up to recovery mode which also did not work, My device does not even show the charging icon when i plug it to the charger. After all that, I tried to flash different kinds of firmwares using SP Flash Tool, But i keep getting the error "4032" with or without the battery. I have tried the various combinations mentioned in the comments above such as pressing power only; volume up only, volume down, power+volume up , power+volume down. but still the same error; when I click download / firware upgrade, it shows the 100% in red line and after 35-42 secs gives the error.

    I have tried the 3 different versions of firmware and keep getting the same error.

    I can also share the log files if required

    The complete error is given below:

    Smart Phone Flash Tool
    Common Hint: For SP Flash Tool issues:

    Please supply your tool version, GUI screen shot, and tool logs when you encounter trouble with the latest tool.
    How to obtain the tool logs?
    1. Run the tool;
    2. Press Ctrl+Alt+t(Tool Title Hint: Runtime Trace Mode);
    3. [Menu]Help-[SubMenu]Open logs folder.


    [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed!

    Please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded.


  12. bro one thing i want to ask that i after flashing the jelly bbean rom i have to wipe data and factory reset the phone through cwm recovery…where to get that recovery for jelly bean because previous kitkat recovery not at all works:::

    • Mr Shivam the stock recovery is what that differs not the cwm, the cwm which worked for you will always work no matter you move to any of the AOSP based roms, lets try this method,
      1. take the .img file of your cwm place it in the root of your sd card.
      2. Open mobile uncle tools then in update options find your image file then flash it. hope this will work!!

  13. I've forgotten that you don't have SD card slot on your device now the thing how to recover back your device turned complicated(don't get panic we can give a try bilal)!!Now from the story that you've told me according to that ,there is a backed up rom.zip of your device which is in the storage?
    I've heard that cwm recovery is not compatible with xplus maybe that is why you are not able to flash your backed up rom try flash twrp!!lets go to steps,
    First make sure your SDK tool (adb) is correctly installed and also the HTC's drivers.
    Download the recovery of your ROM twrp from the web.
    Flash the Recovery.
    Clear Cache
    Reboot in Recovery
    Install your backed up rom.zip that is already on your storage. (Otherwise,Sideload a ROM to be able to flash one in Recovery)
    Flash the boot.img of your device!
    Clear Cache Again
    Maybe it Should work,

  14. hi i was rooted my htc one X+ (at&t) also install custom recovery and boot loader unlock. i have flashed custom rom on my devise boot loop stuck. that is problem. i have restore backup rom complete successfully but same problem boot loop stuck. any help please advice….

    thank you

    • htc device has a powerful power button which has the ability to switch the device on even if the battery is inbuilt. If you have successfully flashed cwm recovery on it then you don't have to worry too much look for the stock rom of your device with proper boot.img file and flash it via your recovery.
      make sure that you do the following steps before flashing
      1. mount and storage/format system & data
      2. advance/wipe dalvik cache
      3. install xip from sd card then choose the zip file and flash your stock rom!thanks,

  15. HI Friend, You are Awesome. I have followed your steps to make my micromax a106 active , up and running like champ. Until i saw u r blog.. i was very disappointed and sad that my phone was dead completely. but after the process i am 200% happy. Great Job. Appreciate it.

    • Thanks Satish kumar for experessing your joy with us and dropping by,it feels so good to me when people come back to comment after fixing their bricked device, stay updated with themonsterdroid,in future i'll be posting more to all the problems what android users are facing!!thanks goodluck Mr. Satish!!!

  16. Hello! I'm getting BROM error – Storage not match… I already searched the internet on how to fix this but I got no answer yet. I'm using MyPhone Rio Fun MTK6572. Please help….

  17. I thank you very much and I thank God who took me to this discussion. My Problem is the following:
    A few days ago i turned my phone system files in -rw
    after a reboot, the phone could not go after the logo; then i discovered SP Flash tool, I installed it on my PC
    I formatted all, successfully
    Finally I could not find a stock rom for my device in order to test your method
    My modell is GT-S7562 DUOS (MT6572) from Vietnam
    thank you much for your help

  18. sir pls help me .. SAMSUNG S4 clone MT6572 error with BROM ERROR 4032.. pls sir i tried upgrading with what i found on the needrom site but it failed in the middle of the process..and now when i try to download or firmware upgrade it keeps on telling me the error 4032..my device is seen in device manager as MTK USB PORT..pls sir i badly need help for this..i already tried different version of SP flash tool still no luck .. sorry for bad english ; pls help sir .. tnx in advance really appreciate it

    • Hii john don't be tensed so much the main thing what you need is a calm mind , do you followed the steps mentioned in the comments and in the post?? Is the drivers of the device installed properly? If ones this dram error comes it comes again and again until you will follow the steps accurately,do take time to go through all of the comments please !!thanks

    • Hi John. you must press and hold V+ button before you plug the USB cable in. It worked for me after 2 attempts. the battery must be REMOVED. Good luck.

  19. Hi sir, i need your help….
    My phone is lenovo s920 and it's not dead at all, but problem is i always failed to update my rom version from 4.2.1 to 4.4 kitkat. I cannot find the answer for my problem…is there any related isue between hardware configuration changed because my power button bypassed, if it's not then what is the causing of my problem? Please help me sir…

    • No eddy there is nothing related to hardware issue for the upgrading, may i know the method how you are upgrading your android version? kk is available for you like by the over the air(OTA) update by the default costumer app or you are flashing a kk rom via sp tool or something?

    • I told you already that the mmx care people know nothing not only the care people the whole company knows nothing about the hardware and software they just rebrands chinese made models by putting their logo making boxes that's all that is why the xiaomi models are so cheap in rate and bunched with high specs !!!
      Good luck, and don't forget to back up your imei via mobile uncle tools if anything related to imei happens while changing roms or doing anything you can restore the imei back!!!thanks

  20. Thanks for dropping by again to share your emotions and congo Mr. Shivam, which method helped you writing the imei? If you will mention out that also then it will be helpfull to others too dropping on the blog! You can ask anything about the android platform i will help you out if i can, i am not getting time to post , a little time what i am getting is being used to help you all guys by commenting, stay in touch with themonsterdroid i will post more in future!! thanks,

    • hello help me pls. i finally able to flash my phone and its back to my "first time phone" but now i have the prob of invalid imei. can you teach me how u get back ur imei. plsss. i am just afraid to do something stupid again >_< and make my phone dead.. its stressful

  21. after pressing *#06# invalid imei this shows…after using mobile unclee tools in enginner mode phone1 entering my imei..this error shoes-this command is not allowed in userbulit….help plzzzz tired of this

  22. I have a rooted Micromax A58 which was perfectly working. I did a full nandroid backup of it 2 days ago. On yesterday, I was moving some system app (google maps, play store etc) to SD with some software) so that I could increase the internal memory and install some other softwares. But, unfortunately, after that modification, the phone stopped working properly (it was stucking up when the BOLT logo was reached). So, I started it in recovery and do a wipe cache and factory reset. After that, the phone is always going to Factory Mode.

    Then I tried to Flash the Stock ROM using Flash Tool but was unsuccessful multiple times. After the scatter file selected, when I clicked the 'Download' (or even firmware upgrade), all the time, the phone was disconnecting/reconnecting every now and then and nothing happened after (even though I already installed the Vcom and PdaNet driver in the PC). So, I had to quit. I am attaching herewith the logs of the Flash Tool lastly tried.

    Now, when I am starting the phone power button, nothing is happening.. NOTHING but black screen…

    On further try today, when in SP Flash Tool, I select scatter file, click 'Download' and connect the phone to PC, the process doesn't progress further. So, I have to finally click 'Stop' to quit. I did try the tricks of pressing the volume buttons (+/-) but no hope.. every now and then, the phone is disconnecting/reconnecting, but SP Flash process not even progressing..

    In the logs, it shows–

    "No com port detected.." Please advice.

    • Hello raj, the reason why it is stucked on the boot logo is because you moved the device/system/apps to another place making the R/O (read only) files to R/W (re-writable), many times the os can't withstand it and the whole system(Rom) corrupts! And gets stucked on then boot logo,
      And the reason that why now your phone is not even switching on is because that you formatted the emmc by SP tool!!,
      I think you've read the whole comments and my reply's,
      Give a try to these steps too..
      1. Re-install the drivers and make out what is you master button (that is open sp tool then connect the phone to the pc(make sure you can hear the connecting sound on windows) let it be disconnected automatically then try to find out by pressing the power button or the vol up or the vol down or the vol up and down together or vol+power button (press the combo or single for few seconds) and then hear the connecting sound that when it is comming then that is you master button) after that you can browse the scatter files then flash it if its get disconnected then you can press the master button to re connect it maybe it get flashed
      2. You can also check with the latest version of the SP tools.
      3. You can also try changing the system also!
      Thanks,good luck raj

    • Thanks for your last reply and appreciate your thoughts/analysis on this. Regarding the identification of master button, I guess it might be very difficult to conclude on. Because, the automatic disconnection/reconnection is happening in a loop in some seconds interval.. and we need to press the various combination of vol/power etc keys for a few seconds to replicate the situations. Co-relating between those in such a situation is very difficult to handle. Also sometime, the disconnect/reconnect interval is not occuring in a timely fashion.. rather happening automatically depending upon some unknown factors.

      Currently, the reconnect/disconnect is happening automatically (even though I don't press any such buttons). Though I believe that once we will identify the master button (if any), the flash process may be tackled easier, but as told, it's difficult to understand. Anyway, will try it once and let you know.

      Please let me know if any further advice.

    • To identify the master button you don't have to wait for some accurate time,
      Open sp tools connect the device to the pc , then while being connected you have to make out the master button(if any) if you get it by pressing the correct key( from the single and combos what i mentioned In the comment for you) the connection sound will come in the windows!!

    • Mmx service center guys knows nothing they are the bunch of noobs sitting on chairs on earth! They always spits something related to motherboard (saying the ic has malfunctioned and ol) to every costumer , it's a software issue how come the flashing effects the whole hardware ? They are bunch of dumbs and i strongly recommend you shivam not to give the device to service center guys because they will gonna keep it about 3months and if nothing turns out they will replace with a new one after months!!!

  23. thank you sir, i'll look for other pc to do it. but sir formatting the whole emmc would result to that error? and will it give me the brom error4032 even when i attempt to format it again? with or without bootlopader exempted?

  24. Sir i seem to still have an bropm error 4032 i followed your method but with still no luck. i believe i have the correct rom for my phone. can you please help me? thank you

    • Congo for flashing the rom successfully, you can follow any of the two method given below,
      1. Use maui meta (software for inserting imei number via pc to the device)
      2.Or if you have access to wifi then from playstore download mobile uncle tools then go to engineering mode from its option then insert the imei number from there if its get sucessfully inserted then you can also make the back up of your imei number with the too! Thanks!

    • Hello jaidka giving mmx phones to service centre in india will take more than 3month or 2months minimum! Mr. Prerak was able to recover his device by my method and he has the same handset what you are having and he also mentioned his mail id maybe gets time he wlcan figuire it out and can provide you the link of all the roms he has you can mail him if you like, my method is working in most of the mtk devices don't panic everything will be fine!!good luck, thanks

    • Dear sir,
      I have tried all your methods.My Pc Detect My Phone as preloader usb vcom port, I am using windows 8.1 64 bit, no issue with driver software and sp flash tool. Is it any problem with my Motherboard.my phone model is alpas technician jelly been 89 MTK 6589. I always got "BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032) " after flashing device (during flashing after 10 seconds i always got this message).

  25. hello sir …i need you help….
    icant flashing my s4 with sp flashtool!…(BROM ERROR S_DA_EMMC_FLASH_NOT_FOUND) (3144).
    OR anyone if can help me…. :'( …..
    icant understand what is that error….
    sorry little bad english….

  26. ravindra the rom which you are using is not original….
    try to download another original rom for your device…
    the original stock rom for your device would not create any tye of error..
    n first format your device and then download it

  27. While flashing custom rom on Micromax A110 failed to start device. For fix this issue i used sp tool to flash original rom but i stuckbin error 8200 [platform error] how cab i fixed this error. Device is fully dead and how I install original rom…? please help me ouy from this.
    Thanks (sorry for my English)

  28. thank you sir..
    i have succesfully downgrade to jellybean..
    most of tha custom roms are worked on jelly bean for my devie..
    thats why i have to downgrade it..
    sir one last question…
    after flashing original rom on my bricked phn
    imei is showing invalid…
    but i have flashed it with maui meta…
    n it was working properly..
    but after downgrade….
    maui meta is not detecting my phone…
    n i have to use my phn without sim..
    is there any other method for repairing imei

    • Why you need to downgrade by the way? sorry for being personal!if you have a working jellybean rom of your device with proper scatter files then you can flash it via SP tool after clicking the format button(formatting the device) while connecting the device to the PC then you click the download button and browse the scatter files and then click download and it will be done!!Downgrading and upgrading the android version is same when you are flashing the rom via SP tool, the little difference is what if you are upgrading or flashing any other compatible firmware then you have to click the firmware upgrade option that's all!! good luck!!

  29. sir iave also try format the firmaware …
    and it show format ohk in green…
    then i unplugg the device…
    and download the firmware….
    and again connect the device…
    it show download ohk in green…
    but it is not starting yet…
    when i press both volume up and down button and power button..
    it show for recovery press voulume up and for factory mode press down but when i press up it become off again

  30. sir i have download one more stock rom for my mmx unite 2…
    n when i download the firmware using flash tool…
    it was showing download ok in green..
    but my phone is still dead…
    plzz help..
    i think i have become very close to unbrick

  31. sir ..
    first i had rooted my phone with cwm recovery..
    n it was rooted successfully…
    i was able to load custom cwm recovery on my phone…
    after that i flashed lenovo rom which is given for android 4.4.2
    it was also successfully flashed ….
    but i wanted to use samsung s5 rom for my micromax unite2….
    but samsung s5 rom is available only for jelly bean…
    therefore i have read post on xda and follow all the steps given there….
    1. Download the rom, extract it in pc.
    2. Run sp flash tools and load the scatter file you got in extracted rom.
    3. Tick and select all file. For data and cache, select secro.img
    4. In sp flash tools, from drop down menu select upgrade firmware.
    5. Click download, remove battery from phone and connect it to pc.
    after it when i try to write memory usling stock preloader.bin
    it was showing error…
    n now my phone has become dead…..
    it is not switching on
    not charging..
    n when i try to do the same process again then it shows error on the upgrade firmware even format even download even write memory…
    nothing is done …
    all shows brom error….
    i have downloaded original stock rom for micromax unite 2 from 3 different places…
    but nothing is happening..
    plzz help me

    • don't panic I can understand what you are saying but i am not aware of the 3036 error , but will figure it out!! tell me the story i will soon find a fix when i will get time!!please do comment in English this page is for the purpose that every readers can recover from the problem they are facing!!thanks,

  32. sir my phone is bricked ….
    when i try to connect it with computer it shows on device manager n suddenly disconnected…
    then again connected n disconnected…
    my phone is completely dead …
    it is not showing anything

  33. Thanks for the method. But sadly it is not working for me. Im using lenovo a369i. I have flash my phone with stock rom. It was succesfull. But then I cant boot my phone. So then I tried to flash it again. But it says brom erro 4032. It will be grateful if you can help me.

    • zull .. are you malaysian ?? im malaysian .. πŸ˜€ BTW, I have the same phone as yours .. and the same problem .. this phone surely bothersome … xD Its been a week since I bricked mine …

    • Huhuhu … tu r … 1st projek berjaye … ni yg 2nd … ikut care same … aq flash s4 nyer rom … entah mane yg silap … pastu die bootloop … lps bootloop aq flash stock rom … lps sume succes … skang hp langsung x blh on … tp maseh blh detek kat laptop … ni masih cube utk flash … tp sp flash tool error … poning den …

    • I don't know why this method is not working on lenovo, Mr. Zull you try to format your phone via SP tool then try to flash your stock one back!! I think i have to rent a lenovo to figure out what is the case why you guys are not able to fix your phone, maybe you are flashing the wrong ROM nor this method should have fixed your phone! Sorry Ezzam that still you are with the bricked one!!

    • Zul : aq pown pening gak … dulu main dgn galaxy mini 2 jee … senang sikit psl samsung .. ni lenovo .. tetiba pkai spflashtool laa apelah .. xD hadehh …pening2 .. hrp2 dapatla fix ..

    • Monster Droid : I've tried three (3) different rom for this phone … still no luck … I tried to reformat too .. but brom 4032 came out … I tried to press some key combination before plucking the USB .. and sometimes it says about bootrom .. whats that ??

    • Guys I think the problem is with the lenevo's only, i don't have that device to go through the problem what you all are going through!!, you all guys don't have the official factory signed zip of the stock rom of yours that's the reason why the error is showing up!! whenever i get it i will upload it on needrom or one of you go to the service center and ask for it, its just a few min process to flash the rom that the service center guys are having of your devices and they don't charge you that much if you are scared of that!! If one of you will get the rom please do upload for others too!!!

  34. Thanks Mr. Mario for having such a kind heart to help others and dropping your valuable comment here and also am glad that my method helped you fixing your device, Mr. Ezzam never loose hope, there are many methods other than this the main motive is that we should follow the steps correctly you can fix your device be confident!!good luck,

    • thank you very much for your support .. I really appreciate that .. πŸ˜€ for your method, do we have to take out the battery ?? when I followed your step, the rom cannot be flash .. It keep showing "searching" ..

      1.I pressed download and wait for the "searching" appear.
      2.It appeared and I pressed VOL ( – ) abd connect it to pc and release VOL ( – )
      3.keep showing "searching" ..

      any advice ??

    • Sorry for the late reply, Mr ezzam when the searching appears you have to make sure that when you are connecting the device to the pc the device is getting connected, hear the sound of the usb in the windows, if not make a combo like pressing the both volume buttons to make it detect the device while connected(pressing both the volume button works on many devices) , and always make sure VCOM drivers are properly installed!!! thanks,

    • i'll try … thank you so much for all your replies and the times you wasted to answer me .. I really really appreciate it .. I guess I'll just let this phone rest in peace … πŸ™

  35. IT WORKS…!!!
    Just do what the author said. And make sure you have the correct VCOM Prelauncher Driver for your device. Once you'd installed the correct VCOM Prelauncher, restart your PC. Use the same USB Port for some case.

    These are what i did:
    1. Runs SPFlash as administrator.
    2. Load your truly stock scatter file.
    3. Remove your device's battery.
    4. Go to format menu, choose "format without bootloader" and then click "ok" (don't plug your device yet!!!).
    5. After clicking "ok" for formating, now connect your device to your PC. Wait until the green circle bar. Once done, it means that your PC can find your device.
    6. Unplug your device from your PC.
    7. Back to the main menu, Then click "download" for flashing, wait until the indicator (below) shows searching. (Don't plug your device yet!!!)
    8. After that, now connect your device to PC for flashing, wait untill finished. It may take about 5-10 minutes or even more. Once done, unplug your device.
    9. Place the battery and turn you device on.

    If you had a DRAM Error, just follow the method from the author. It works for me, trully. Mine are Note 3 clone MTK Chipset and SGS4 MTK Chipset.
    Most problem are: not the correct USB Driver and Not the truly stock ROM

  36. Rodrigo : Thats what im asking .. I can make a backup & I already have it using another one of my a369i .. But I cant restore the backup …

    Shaqimi : Its 4GB but the available is ony 1.2Gb .. RAM 512 .. and the mtk im not sure .. but as it stated in the description of the phone .. Its MTK 6572 .. Please help me .. πŸ™‚ thank you

    • is it 1.2GB meaning you have files music movies inside, or is it 1.2GB when you first got it? The reason is because….

      mine happened the same as you. flashed the wrong preloader, yada2 this and that, still no luck. backing up from another source of the same model wouldn't give luck to restore the phone and wondering why the same model couldn't flash the preloader. and my rom is only 1.5 instead of 4. and when i checked it, it is a clone. and i have to go to the store back and/or create a backup first of my current phone to get the only preloader for the phone. if you're lucky you can get back the preloader from somewhere. try to look hard for it and try flashing EVERY rom, and follow the steps as secured by MonsterDroid.

      i hope this helps. try searching first for it. if that fails try asking the store which you bought the phone for the firmware. and follow the steps provided.

    • you can access factory mode by pressing vol up + power button until it says "Been in factory mode" or something like that. when that appears, release the buttons pressed. and yes, it is all chinese in stock roms, but none of them says Restore to factory. it is all about tests, and dumping emmc's and firmware version info. just firmware checking and testing. That's why we need cwm or twrp recovery to access factory saved backup in factory/recovery mode, and make the "stock factory mode" a more flexible option.

    • Thanks Mr. Mohd for finding time to help out others here i really appreciate it, Mr. Ezzam are you really facing this DRAM error? I don't think that you can even charge or lit your display after this error,& Mr.Ezzam, Mr.Mohd have the same handset you are having but we were unable to fix it he went to the service center to get his stock back at last.
      by the way Ezzam can you make sure that is your device is disconnected in few seconds when connected??(to make sure turn the PC's volume full to hear the connecting sound ).

  37. Hello sir .. My phone model is lenovo a369i .. IT cannot boot to System Or CWM anymore .. But still detected in PC .. Im about to try the above fix but I dont have the backup .. Will you help me ?? :3 or can you help me to search for the backup ?? If I have the backup I can sort things out myself .. Thanks .. My mom Will Kill if she find out about this .. xD


      AFTER I formatted FLASH TOOL WITH MORE POWER CAN NOT SEND .you ROM MY CELL .POIS've tried ROM And Gave ALL THE SAME ERROR 4032 1013 OTHER ERRORS. I will be very grateful if you HELP ME

    • Rodrigo make sure that your device is getting detected in the Device manager it will be something like MTK(some numbers), and be sure that the drivers are properly installed, download your STOCK Rom with proper preloader and scatter files then flash it, there will sometime come a situation when the PC will detect the device only for few seconds,(keep the volume of the PC at highest to hear when the device is connected and getting disconnected and note the duration), then meantime without the battery you connect the device and flash the ROM via SP tool if everything will go good then you will get the green circle!! good luck,

    • Please make sure you get your device driver installed properly and while flashing to make the SP tool detect your device press both the volume up and down button or the power button (with removed battery) . The doodle handsets of mmx don't have lots of roms or supports on xda till yet, but try to flash if you have the correct stock of your device with proper scatter files!!Good luck!

  39. i have the same problem sir i owe myphone rio fun mediatekMT6572 TGHE dram FAILED WHAT SHOULD I DO ?

    MyPhone Rio Fun specs:
    Phone Type: Smart Phone
    SIM Slot: Dual SIM
    Operating System or Software Version: Android 4.2
    Hardware Platform: MT 6572M
    CPU: 1.3GHz Dual Core
    GSM Band: 900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
    Data Segment: EDGE, GPRS
    Flash Memory: 512MB+512MB
    GPS: NO
    Touch Lens: G+F
    Input Method: Google Pinyin IME, Android Keyboard
    External Memory:32GB
    LCD Type: TN
    LCD Size: 5.0β€³
    LCD Display Resolution: FWVGA 480*854
    Front Camera: 0.3 MP
    Back Camera: 3.2 MP
    FM: YES
    Flash Lamp for Camera: YES
    External Memory: 32GB
    Assistant Sensor: Motion Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor

    • The specs you given Xian is not that required, are you having the stock ROM of your device or not?? what all are you doing while flashing the ROM? can you please mention that?? after that only i can make sure that what is the reason of the error! thanks,

  40. sir i own a lenovo s920. got bricked when i first flashed s920_row_s117. trying to actually change from chinese to international version without using any other modded recovery. i couldnt remember what my last version was, but what i remembered is VIBEUI, and V2.0. that is all. and yes, it is chinese, no google play services support and recovery is in chinese. here are the things that happened before and after the fail flashings.

    i) used the s920_row_s117. completed.
    ii) cannot turn on. power button and everything is a no go
    iii) downloaded several ones, but to no avail.
    iv) kept getting the error dram problem.
    v)installed mtk6589 drivers over and over again, installing lenovousbdrivers over and over again for 8 hours while trying
    vi) followed this guide. vol+, vol-, vol+power, vol-power, nothing. and now the drivers are gone. i need to restart pc for no reason.

    that is it. i may go crazy. and one other thing…..

    should you put the batteries in when pressing the buttons? the driver mtk usb port changes to unknown device when pressing those buttons with battery inserted.

    thank you and have a nice day sir. i hope you can help me with this ASAP as this phone is needed for game development purposes. and a company phone.

    • Hello Mr Mohd, you have to make sure that the ROM you are flashing should be your's stock one only with the proper scatter and pre-loader files.Even after doing all the procedure and still the error is coming then there's a fair chance of that you are not having the stock one of your's device and you are flashing on it,
      some of the devices show positive sign of flashing with the removed battery so you can also try that, i am not totally sure about the VIBE's ui but still you can give a try ,
      the main aim of the whole thing is that at the flashing of the ROM the device should be get detected by the SP Tool at that very moment so that it could do its flashing that is the reason why we are performing various combos while connecting the device to the PC.
      Mohd i will try to search and collect all the information about your device but i am busy these days alot so sorry i can't promise! but i will give a try! thanks good luck!

    • yea. i saw one in the youtube not to mess with the preloader as it is different if its a clone. and the best thing is i flashed the preloader the same as other components to flash!!! that is my mistake. the only preloader that my phone will accept is from the supplier itself, not the stock roms. it is very different to flash lenovo than to flash all other like samsung and sony. so i will never mess with this again.

      I have sent the phone for repairs and the best thing is, i have 6 – 7 days left of warranty. Im in luck! πŸ˜€ thanks for the help Monster Droid and sorry for any inconvenience.

    • Wow you so lucky you were left with 6-7 days and there is no matter of inconvenience you can drop by here any time i will be there at your service , by the way I was searching the whole web for the stock of your handset but didn't got any luck that's why I didn't replied!! But now be careful when you get your phone back repaired then make sure to make CWM backup of your stock one before doing anything, or else ask the service center guys to give the zip of your stock!Good luck Mr. Mohd!!

    • yea i will come down here and maybe lending a hand to others learning same as my mistake. the phone came back wonderfully and i will never touch them again ever! the people there wouldn't let me get my hands on the stock, as they say it is for security purposes(?). Highly doubtful why. But I did the cwm recovery and now have my own stock in my pc. maybe i can try help others with this stock maybe?

    • Hi Mohd, congo for getting your phone back, I already knew that the service center guys will not gonna provide the stock factory signed rom of your device because no one does, but i thought luckily you'll get. Never get scared of these kind of things and back off from it explore more and more then only one can gain knowledge about everything , years before i was stuck on the bootanimation and i got scared a lot as it was my first android phone and it was just 1 month old, but that was the moment from where i got whole deep into android!!!You are game developer you should never back off from such things or get scared off, by the way don't forget to backup the rom which you got via CWM/TWRP , good luck Mr Mohd sorry for being so personal,

    • i got the same model lenovo s920. and now my phone should be in brick condition as it cannot be switch on. but the pc can still detect the present of my phone. from the above comment about s920, my understading is that mohd shaqimi said this phone's stock rom is unavailable in the internet, isn't it? now i am trying to download 1, but still dont know if the rom can be use or is it the correct rom. πŸ™

    • Hi mr shaqmi.. Would you please share your stock rom with me.. Im has the exact same problem but dont have a stovk rom.. Mine s920 cant turn on after i flash to rom row 117.. Please share thru my email.. [email protected].. Please help me sir.. Thanks in advance..

  41. Hi I have alps p2000 device. I flashed firmware from needrom.com. but I'm getting ENABLE DRAM FAILED. please help me. Device is detecting by device. But no response.

    • Sorry for replying you late,
      dear Orangzaib are you applying the following combos after when the red red progress bar goes to 100 and the searching comes in the SP tool?? , you can also press the power button too while connecting the device to the PC!! I recommend you to do the procedures with some other PC of your mates!
      I am too tensed of why your device didn't got fixed till yet!! good luck!

    • i try to flash it with different flash file & i got this error,

      But i know ( i think ) this problem with my phone usb mode.
      now its only detect "MTK USB Port"
      before i do wrong flash i remember it detect any other thing (relay i forget what it now

    • you need the correct preloader for your phone Orangzaib. If not, it will always say dram failed to be enabled. the only problem that it is causing, comes from the preloader. if it is a clone, you have no other choice but to send it back to the supplier, and that happened to me. not all clones are the same, and not all clones have the same preloader. you should check whether it is a clone or not. the MTK USB port is not the problem. all of them is MTK USB Port, and if the preloader is correct, it will change to MTK USB VCOM something when succeeded. never to flash preloader again! just flash any other components but NOT preloader!

  42. Thank you sir, you helped me!!!! I got the steps to flash the phn frm your comments you are so helping, i love youuuu πŸ˜› !!!

    • This is because SP tool is not able to locate your device when you are flashing, make sure that you are connecting your phone after when the 100% red bar goes filled as after the 100% red bar the searching of device is started if still getting the error try pressing the vol down or up or the middle button of your s4 while connecting your device to the PC after when the 100% red bar goes filled!!

    • Rajitha ,
      if still the error is coming then maybe the ROM i gave you must not be the correct ROM or maybe the way you are flashing is still wrong, I never used a samsung device with mediatek chipset, that is why i am still not able to fix your device!!
      now lets try the hit and trial method and hope to get the device working!!
      1st. Open SP tools then give link to the scatter files of your ROM
      2nd. Click the download button and wait till the red bar goes to 100%,
      3rd. Now when the searching comes then after that you connect your phone to the PC (if still the error showing up then start following the same steps but this time connect the device to the PC by pressing the power button)
      4rth. I think samsung devices has a hardware button in down also try pressing that also before connecting the device to the PC when the searching comes in the SP tool!! hoping that you device will get fixed soon……

    • The steps I've provided is working on many of the MTK devices, some of the guys are not getting it correctly because of the small mistakes they are making while flashing , it would be much better if you mention which device you have and when is the error is showing up then only i can help you out!

    • i have micromax unite 2.. its mt6582… when i connect my phone without battery and click download.. the bar becomes red and becomes 100% then i get the DRAM error 4032… i tried doing it with volume down button and everything.. can u tell me why this error comes

    • Do you have it's stock ROM? i think the device you have was launched newly!
      by the way this error comes when you flash a wrong ROM on your device or you formats you EMMC storage part of your device via SP tool ,
      I recommend to flash the phone with the battery , and please don't connect your phone before clicking the download button, first click the download button then wait till the RED bar goes to 100% after that you should connect your phone to the PC (when the searching comes).thanks

    • yes its a newly launched device,,, and what does this emmc storarge part means.. and yes i have downloaded the stock rom from androidxda.com and even from needrom.com

    • yes sir i tired with the battery as well as without.. but its still giving the error.. is it giving problem because i have the 8GB ROM model..
      because my mom had 4GB ROM model..n i hd flashed the nand of tht phone but i strted it with some other OS..

    • Hello Mr. Ebrahim, it would be appreciable if you mention which phone you have and in which part of the step the error is coming!! make sure that the drivers of your device is installed properly on the system or you can re-install them.

  43. Hello, Here is the methods i tried to flash the ROM,

    1.Open SP Flash as Administrator
    2.Load the Scatter File.
    3.Click Download.
    4.Connect the Device without battery.
    5.The Red progress bar goes to 100% and after that the error Appears.

    I tried the same method with battery but the error still appears.
    Also i tried pressing volume down button immediately before connect it via USB.

    • sorry for the late reply I was busy travelling, got no web connection on the way!!! by the way,
      Mr. Rajitha the steps are okay but connect your device to the PC after when the red progress bar goes to 100% (because it is that time when the SP tool loads the scatter files and searches for the device to connect).
      If still the error comes connect the device to the PC at the same time after when the red progress bar goes to 100% "with the battery holding the vol down button" . Use the STOCK ROM what i gave you!!
      good luck,

    • Thanks but Rajitha,there is nothing to with the build number the ROM you downloaded is the right one why the error is coming is of because the method you are flashing it via SP TOOL is wrong, lemme know how you are flashing the device with the steps till the error comes! I will then correct you!!

  44. Hello, Thank you for your help, I'm still downloading the ROM, My internet connection is very slow because it's the the end of the month :'(, I will try this ROM as soon as i downloaded it, Thanks for your help, YOU'RE AWESOME…….

  45. Hello, Thank you for all your help, I will try to flash the ROM you gave me, If that dose not work, Please help me to find the stock ROM, Also This details might help you to give me the correct ROM, My device supports Air-Sensor and Eye Sensor, And it said it's running KitKat OS. I don't remember the Build Number sorry. Please help me to figure this out. Thanks.

  46. Hello, Thank you for the information, Yes, My device shows in device manager. I will try the ROM you gave me, Thank you for helping me out, I will let you know if this ROM worked or not. Thanks. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  47. Hello, This is the whole story, I tried to install "Fonts" after i successfully rooted my device with root explore app, after i rebooted my device it worked fine but i was not able to enter my WIFI password, So i replaced the stock fonts with root explore app, After i rebooted my device again only the status bar appeared, The UI was just gone, But i was able to use my device though the "multi window" option, So i flashed "GT-I9500_MT6572" firmware with SP Flash tool and it was successfully done and the Green circle appeared in SP Flash Tool, After that my device was DEAD and did not powered up. I tried to boot it up to recovery mode which also did not worked, My device dose not even show the charging icon when i plugged it to the charger. After all that, I tried to flash different kinds of firmwares using SP Flash Tool, But it keep getting me error "4032" with or without the battery. And no, I think i don't have the stock firmware, Is there any way you can give me a link to download the Stock ROM of my device using the details i gave you before? If you can It would be AWESOME… Thank you for your valuable time in your busy schedules. Please help me to figure this out. Thanks.

    • Hey Rajitha , don't be tensed that much it happens with everybody, with TOUCHWIZ you will face these kinda issues of systemUI failure when you replace system files via ROOT EXPLORER (from now use the APP called "font installer" from playstore, its easy and changes the system font without any issue and trouble),
      you don't be scared!! By facing these kind of issues and fixing it by self one's turns to be a developer!
      Now lets talk about the issue,
      this '4032' error shows up when you flash a wrong firmware to the device using SP Tool that specifically formats the whole part of the storage of the device called as 'EMMC' leaving behind no sign of charging notification,bootscreen,recovery,nothing!!
      In my knowledge I think you can find your stock ROM on needrom.com or search at xda (i will too look for it but it'll take time have lot of works to go with so cant be sure).
      By the way Is your device showing up as usb com port in the 'device manager' when connected to the PC ? If its not showing up then you should re-install your device's drivers properly!! just let me know, that your device is showing up or not in the device manager.
      I will try my best to recover your device back!adios and good luck

  48. Hello, I have the same error which is error "4032"

    MODEL :- GT-i9500

    FCC ID :A3LGTi9500



    IMEI : 359883006303826


    Here is the details on the back of the phone, The seller said this device was imported from dubai, Please help me to figure this out.

    • Hello rajitha the S4 you have is i think of MTK!!by the way do you have your stock ROM or not ??? make sure the zip of the ROM you have is of your's device only!!!
      the information you provided are not required, please mention what you've done,how you flashed and when does the error came!!!thanks

  49. hi thank you for your replay sorry for too late i have flashed wrong rom on my zte v880h mobile. i was trying lot of times flashing stock rom via sp tool i get this BROM ERROR: S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032) & (8200) message any solution…? i have format more time via sp tool…sorry for my bad english…….

    • Sorry but I am not that much aware about the (8200) error!! (4032) error arises because of multiple formatting of emmc aka the private storage of your device!!
      You try flashing the factory signed stock ROM of your Zte and re-install the device drivers on your PC then try to connect it to the PC make sure that the PC is able to detect the device in the device manager!! good luck!

  50. hi my phone model is zte v880h phone is dead when i was flashed stock rom i get this BROM ERROR: S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032) i have tried ( volume down & up combinations also power button pressing ……. any help?

  51. my phone is micromax a89. it is not charging , not switching on, no recovery. when i connect(after driver installed), pc shows 'usb single port' and flashing gives error as 3144-emmc not found. what i hav to do…pls help me ..

    • Hi Srinivasarao this situation is maybe because you formatted the whole EMMC while flashing a ROM!! by the way don't panic much we can recover your phone in many ways,
      1. make sure that in the control panel/device manager/(your device) is showing or not if not try re-installing your drivers properly.
      2. After that connect the phone removing the battery to the the SP tool after pressing the volume down or up button of your phone.
      3. Note that you should be flashing the stock ROM's official scatter file and the important thing to keep in mind is connect your phone only after clicking the download button of your ROM in the SP tool(when the searching appears)
      if still not working do the same with the battery kept.
      GOOD LUCK.

  52. this is my last rom before flashing……
    i cannot flashing my original rom…is like we must flashing in cmw…how to flash in sp flashing??

    • For flashing ROM via SP tools you must download your stock ROM of your handset and the latest SP tools the link where you can find your stock ROM is given in my previous reply for your comment you can find it on xda. Now after opening SP Tools
      1. You can simply browse your extracted stock ROM's folder where you can find scatter files of your ROM and then click the download button
      2. Then afterwards connect you phone when the searching comes in the SP tools then it will be flashed in approx 15min.
      3. make sure that the drivers of your handset is installed on your PC.
      good luck bro.

  53. helo bro,my lenovo s 820 cannot turn on after im flashing Row rom….and the get are error…
    1 night i try but fail…can you help me please?
    my phone came with vibe rom cn….
    my phone is AP Set…I buy from China..please let me know…

  54. Hello Priyansh do you have your stock canvas 2 plus rom with you? did you flashed it by the above method??what error you are facing after that? please make sure that when you choose the scatter files of your stock rom in the SP tool click the download button then after that you connect your phone by pressing the volume down button to the immediately after when the red line goes to 100!! don't panic good luck!

  55. Hii Petugas, i researched about your Orbit 3000, is the "device not recognized" error is coming on your PC or in the SP tool,? friend make sure that when you connect your orbit to the PC,in the windows control panel/device manager/(your device) is showing or not in the usb com port, if showing then there is a bright chance to make your Orbit alive!! make sure that the drivers of your phone is also installed correctly or maybe try re-installing it too. I will try my best to recover your phone.

  56. Greetings
    I have a Maxwest Orbit 3000 (unrooted) running Android 4.2.2 / MTK6572
    I tried to format with the wrong preloader and now I also have the BROM ERROR: S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032)
    Finally found the correct stock ROM but the phone is dead. Also when I plug it into the computer I get the "Device not recognized" error.
    Tried your above suggestions (power+vol up / power+vol down), still the same result. Would appreciate any other ideas you have. Thanks

  57. sorry for the late reply @suman is you phone is detecting by the pc when connected? and did you try other combos like pressing the volume down or up button of your phone after clicking the download button in the SP tool.

  58. hello
    Hardware : MT6582
    Model : 106_v82_jbaol
    Build number : 106_v82_jbaol_20140106
    Build date UTC : 20140107-040315
    Android v : 4.2.2
    Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V11.P3, 2013/12/31 12:33
    Kernel v : 3.4.5 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Mon Jan 6 21:00:45 CST 2014
    LCD Driver IC : 1-T499_10B1

    i have error on sp flash tool (
    please i need hellp


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