Hound put behind Google now, Siri and Cortana

SoundHound released their all new App called as “Hound”, a personal virtual assistance which is capable of solving and answering complex questions thrown at it much better as compared with the other apps available at the store.
The Top Developers came up with this outstanding app after the hard work of nine years to yield out the best experience for the users.

The app now is currently available in Beta version and users have to wait for the activation code to get started, it also has the invite basis system to get started with.Hound virtual assistance

The app is way more responsive and include the following options included in it:

>> Hotels
>> Local
>> Weather
>> Maps and POI
>> Navigation
>> Phone
>> Addressbook
>> Text
>> Date and Time
>> Alarm and Timer
>> Music
>> Music Search
>> Nutrition
>> Calculator
>> Mortgage Calculator
>> Tip Calculator
>> Unit Converter
>> Currency Converter
>> Translation
>> Dictionary
>> Wikipedia
>> Geography
>> Flight Status
>> Web Search
>> News
>> Images
>> Videos
>> Games

Its Sure that we can expect more good and polished features in the full version of the Hound when the final build/version will release in the coming future.
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