How to flash recovery without pc

This post is about the CWM/TWRP custom recovery. What is Recovery and the method of its Installation is the core of this post.
Let us begin with knowing a little about what is a custom Recovery & what are its uses after then we will move forward step by step for installing it on your android Device properly.

What is a Custom RECOVERY??

A custom recovery is a replacement for stock recovery found on every android device. It is an .img(image) file that can be flashed using different methods which we will be talking today.
Some of its key features are-
> Rom Backup
> Flashing any package.
> Replacing your stock android operating system with a new custom official or unofficial operating system like MIUI, CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android etc. This is also known as flashing a custom ROM.
> Wiping Data/factory reset or flashing various kernels.
and much more…
For booting into the custom recovery installed, the user have to press the required key in combinations which might be different for various android devices.
ex: Power+vol up/vol down etc

>Installation Guide< (For Rooted Users)

Using Mobileuncle Tools/Mtk Devices

Step 1- Download and install Mobileuncle tools app. (Download link given below).


Flash custom recovery without pc

Step 2- Download CWM/TWRP recovery file of your device and rename it to recovery.img .

Step 3- Open mobileuncle tools and click on “recovery update” there you will find recovery.img on the top, select it. Press OK it will reboot your device into your required recovery.


Flash recovery without pc


>>Download Mobileuncle Tools Here<<

Using Flashify/Snapdragon and all the others

Step 1- Download flashify from the link given below (or from Google Playstore) and install it on the device.

Step 2- After that download CWM/TWRP recovery file for your device and rename it to recovery.img

Step 3- Open Flashify and tap on recovery image option.


Flash recovery without pc

Step 4- Now a pop up will appear just click on ‘choose a file‘ to select one of your file explorer app and browse to the file recovery.img.


Flash recovery without pc

Flash recovery without pc

Step 5- Tap on the .img file and tap on Yup.


>>Download Flashify Here<<


Flash recovery without pc

Flash recovery without pc










In case If both the above methods FAILS!! Then recovery can only be flashed by using PC/Laptop by Smart Phone Tools (SP Tools)

For both Rooted and Non rooted Users.


Using SP Tools

For this method things required are-
> PC or laptop.
> Sp Tools.
> Drivers of your device.
> Scatter file for your device.
> A device with MTK chipset.
> CWM/TWRP recovery file of your respective device.
Note: Do not flash recovery file that is not made for your device.
> USB cable.
> USB Debugging must be enabled.


Step 1- Open Sp Tools folder and click on .bat file it will open SP Tools.

Step 2- Now on the right side you will find the Scatter Loading option, click on it and a window will appear browse to the scatter file of your device and click open.
(For convenience place the downloaded scatter file on desktop)

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Step 3- Make sure all the boxes are unchecked if it is selected already by default then remove them all.

Step 4- Click on the RECOVERY box such that a window will appear, browse to the recovery.img file and click open.


Double check that only the recovery box is only checked.

Step 5- Turn OFF your device and remove the battery, click on the download button in SP Tool. Click yes and connect your SWITCHED OFF device via USB cable.

Step 6- The tool will automatically will detect the device and flash the recovery on the device within few seconds, when done a green circle will appear on the Computer’s screen.

Note: If the device is not being detected by the SP tool then make sure that the drivers are installed properly on the system you are using.

Here is a tutorial for flashing recovery without PC

For any problems or support hassle free comment it down below or contact us via our techulk support form! Will provide you the best possible solution ASAP!!
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9 thoughts on “How to flash recovery without pc

  1. how can I access greyed out “sim me lock” in uncle tools. I installed uncle tools in my Mtn sm@rt mini s630 but the “sim me lock” is not active. any other option please help, I want to unlock sim one.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. After rooting the device, you can use Mobile uncle tools to manually enter the IMEI number. If it does not work then you can use MauiMeta software to enter the IMEI number via PC.

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