How to increase performance of your android device


This post is about how to over clock you android CPU to maximize its performance. You can play heavy games on your old phone just by overclocking it. Big Android games such as Asphalt 8, GTA, Call of Duty, etc. demands a high performance Android device. After doing all kind of optimizations to your Android, if the games are lagging then you should consider overclocking your Android device.

Different custom roms having custom kernels supports overclocking. Consider you are using a phone with 1ghz processor you can overclock it to 1.2 or 1.3 ghz to maximize the performance of your phone which makes your phone much faster. You can play HD games with ease.

NOTE- We will not be responsible for any damage due to overclocking so do it on your own risk



First of all only rooted devices can be overclocked so if you are not a rooted android user check our post about how to root your android.

Download Tegra Overclock App.

increase performance of android deviceincrease android performance 

Click here to DOWNLOAD

Restart your phone after downloading to take effect.

You can overclock your device using this app select the desired number of active cores, control voltage etc. It is recommended to start with a low frequency then increasing slowly to make sure your device is properly working with new frequency or not.


WELL yes overclocking reduces battery backup as more power is consumed. My idea is to overclock 10% to 20% of your default frequency. If you have a phone with large battery you can further overclock it according to the required battery backup or you can overclock while your phone is plugged in playing heavy games.

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