Insufficient Storage Available Poweramp Error (EASY FIX)

Welcome again everybody!! in this post we are about to fix the Poweramp’s “insufficient storage available” error hook by crook (in a very simplified steps).

Description of error:-

This error arises due to the un-installation of the cracked Poweramp app(mainly those patched by using the lucky patcher) and when you re-install the new version of Poweramp from the play store.
The whole story behind of why this error occurs is due to the odexed files of the APK that stays in one of the folder of your storage which is not removed automatically when the app gets uninstalled.

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1. The only thing that we need for this task is the ROOT EXPLORER! (The link is provided down below).

2. Install & open the app, after that search for the following “com.maxmpz.audioplayer” or simply search for the term “maxmp” (it will take time according to your storage size).
3. Then delete all the folder and files related to the searched term.
4. Try re-installing Poweramp!! no error will be shown again in future!! now you are good to enjoy the powerful bass again.If you still facing an error or any kinda query please just comment it I will do my best to make you solve the trouble ASAP!!


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    i'm richilieu e. rivera..from philippines..
    i have s4 clone that was does not power anymore..
    BROM ERROR: S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL ( 4032 ) [ EMI ] Enabled DRAM failed!
    please help me revive my phone..
    i have so many sleepless nigths trying to fix my phone..surfing the net all day still nothing works..
    i hope you can help me sir..

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